Couture Courier

If you enter words and haute couture messenger and make you what appears to be an oxymoron try again (or at least a little open-minded). Most of the original face from the courier company they represent, and in the case of owner-drivers may be more important than it seems. While you are in a job that can sometimes be physical, it does not mean you should let your socks presentation, and this applies to you, and your truck.


Two main factors when choosing what you really got “E is the same comfort and durability. It seems useless pages from the catalog if you can not raise your arms above your head, or hate pants when you bend for the twentieth time that day.

In summer, look for natural fabrics like cotton to “breathe”, or a new high-tech synthetic effectively draw moisture away from the body. In winter, invest in some thermal underwear that insulates against the cold as can be in and out of a courier van several times a day. You do not want to put a coat on and off each time, so that the quality of the leather-Well is the perfect alternative to a warm and stylish too. Choose an item of clothing that is easy to wash and dry, you may need a quick answer unless you can afford one for every day of the week. Accessories such as hats or hair perfect “silent salesman” and have a logo or emblem on them can help brand your business effectively in the minds of customers.

Such as clothing, footwear should be a strong consideration when choosing your consistent messaging services. Footwear thwart the look of your clutter in the most poor and muddy shoes back and forth through the offices of their customers are not going to win a popularity contest. Note that in many cases the receptionist to book a courier service, very impressed and you have a customer for life.

The Van

Can you afford a new brand new top model in the range, or you will be satisfied with a pre-loved vehicle, there is no excuse for dirty vans method to send a message, first things first – always kept clean inside and out of their van. Housekeeping aside, there are other ways to make your van to send the right message to customers and potential customers. Many white courier van on the road so why not stand out from the crowd with custom paint job? Although not brave enough to drive around in a van neon pink, not least, invest in a professional sign writer to make a striking design on the side panel or cap. Do not forget the back door and the main advertising space during traffic jams.

An elegant clean looking van message is not only more convenient for you, the driver, but to convey to your customers that you take pride in the appearance of the truck reflects the way we do business.