Course Plus Take Student Drivers

Passing the driving test that allows you to drive on the road, but then you are also a skilled driver. According to statistics about 20% of new drivers about 10 times more likely to be involved in an accident, and unfortunately, the two drivers under 25 died of accidents every day in the UK.

Driving Standards Agency has designed a scheme known as Pass Plus. It is designed with coordination and collaboration in the instructions and the insurance industry motor vehicle driving.

The main objective of this plan is to obtain valuable knowledge for new drivers, learn new skills and techniques, promote prevention and awareness, learn how to reduce the risk of accidents and develop polite Think of the road and also help develop existing skills .

Who can participate

Plus is a fairly recent graduate exam after driving course. It’s a weird feeling to provide information for those who just pass rate driving test.

It is observed that a completely new drivers tend to be more prone to accidents, especially in the first two years of driving.

This procedure has been designed by the DSA exams are designed and presented in the final section 6, will create a greater effect on the driver as well as the more obvious immediate response for any incident that may find while driving. Thus, along with the skills and confidence to solve them, the effect will be less risky and more extensive driving.

Pass course objectives besides

To have an accurate knowledge of the safe and healthy driving.

Trained in how to handle situations and road traffic are different, many of which are almost never seen before

Improve existing skills and knowledge – it can take years to become a skilled driver. Take help establish Plus to get through the acceleration of techniques to study under the direction of vocational education.

Reduce the risk of an accident on the road – training will help raise awareness and vigilance against all kinds of hazards and help you learn how to become an expert, barriers and caution Sketch replaced.

Passed Plus training also helps in building confidence every time you feel nervous while driving alone.

A quick pass Plus

He spent Plus includes six practical modules which cover driving in town, in all weathers, on rural roads, in the dark, daylight, motorways. During the first 12 months of passing the exam, you can do this test.

It is adapted to the new reality pass your driving test and requires prior knowledge acquired by them. Clearly it is not only for those who have just passed their driving test, but also for those who graduated before and wanted more experience in the same field.

Candidates take the plates ‘P’ Pass Plus is in your car, and have a series of six modules of at least one hour each. Close:

Introduction and town driving

All handling

out of town driving and rural roads

driveways drivingdual night

highway driving

To show the effectiveness of this technique, a recent survey has been accepted for the Agency Driving Standards showed that 93% of those who had taken Pass Plus felt more confident on the road, and 80% believe their driving skills improved as a result of taking the course.

Choosing a driving instructor

Talk to your instructor about the Pass Plus course after completion of the test drive. At first, the instructor explains the capabilities given to each student.

Increasingly driving instructor must allow in all areas of automotive, however, some skilled riders require further study. You must have the green badge instructor and ADI and Pass Plus registered as DSA instructor, teaching the Pass Plus candidates.

Far course price more

You can reduce your car insurance premiums or get a no extra claims bonus with some insurance companies. The cost depends on the actual length of the period of the automotive and associated dedicated candidates. In addition, each region has its own system cost. One of the additions to your financial worries in passing Pass Plus is to reduce your car insurance premiums.

Now we make the additional funding to allow us to keep the scheme running until April 2011 to ensure that the process runs with no new funds have made some changes in the way the system is run.

Towards the cost of Pass Plus Cumbria Road Safety Partnership • £ 100 contribution.

Get complete the Pass Plus

After completing the course Pass Plus driving in town, in all weathers, on rural roads, at night, on motorways.

Passed Plus gives you extra experience and reduce your car insurance premiums / discounts.

More than 1,000 candidates per month enjoy the benefits of training discounts and insurance are fully developed, as expressed in the scheme in February 1995.

Often, situations and driving conditions were introduced in the new driver, it will increase the knowledge and skills in general.