What’s The Bare Minimum When It Comes To Facial Cleansing?

After some gossipy catch-up and more champagne than we’d like to admit, bedtime slumber party routines made it clear we are all on incredibly different pages when it comes to daily skin care.

We had the girl who washes with a bar of soap at the end of the night and follows up with a drugstore brand moisturizer, to the girl at the other end of the spectrum who spends 20 minutes removing her make-up, exfoliating, toning, moisturizing and finishing up with eye-cream and serum! The teasing carried on for quite some time, and sparked a lot of questions about what really was too little or too much facial care. And the collective conclusion between us was: Do what’s right for you! Hereditary crows-feet? Eye cream is going to be an essential. Dry skin? An ulta-hydrating evening cream might be your go-to. Your beauty regime should be set based on your genetics and personal gripes.

That being said, there were some pretty common conceptions running between the pyjama-clad masses, which I feel broke around a happy medium.

A girl’s daily facial routine should include the following four essentials:

1. Proper makeup remover – your cleanser just isn’t tough enough to gently remove your eye makeup without some serious scrubbing. 

2. A face specific cleanser – your enormous bottle of body gel isn’t going to cut it here! Even girls with oily skin should opt for an oil free version in order to balance out your body’s natural oils. 

3. Toner – most cleansers don’t get that final layer of poor-rooted grime and pollution. One swipe with a cotton pad and you’ll see the difference. 

4. Moisturizer – absolutely critical to your face’s rejuvenation, especially while you sleep!