Tips for buying the right binoculars for

You can be a hunter or a bird watcher (ornithologist), or even military or marine personnel. You can do a lot without a pair of binoculars. But if you want to buy a pair for yourself, you know you do not want to cross the line with the requirements specifications birders “you need a warrior.

Considerations before buying binoculars

Actually, since you’re thinking of buying binoculars, walking mandatory that they have to fit your needs. Binoculars are manufactured to meet the specific needs of different professionals. Reflecting on how often you use it every day. Naval detection of large telescopes and weigh up to 10 tonnes. Second, the purchase of binoculars is a very personal thing: the amount of weight you are comfortable with, so this lens is right for you if you wear glasses and so on.

Consider first the following

Expansion and lens diameter are the main parameters that should be considered, regardless of the type you need. One thing prismatic 7×35 7 fold increase means that it is possible to human vision and the front lens has a diameter of 35 mm. Larger diameter, higher magnification the field of view but reduced accordingly. Clarity is greater than the diameter of the image would otherwise appear too smoky. Just doubling the width of a fourfold increase in light gathering clarity.

If the reason for buying binoculars to see the horse races or military surveillance, wider field of view best suit. Showing the field of view in the field of view of the specified degree. To understand the extent of the scene from a distance of 1,000 meters, multiply by 52.5 particular class.

Reduce the brightness of the lens with a special coating.

• Plain ÷ Layer

• ÷ layer completely

• multicoated ÷

• Fully multicoated ÷

Smooth coating is very hard, so I know at least binoculars fully coated.

Check the rubber eyecups if you wear glasses, so if there is a lens equipped with a deep field of view limited, even for people without glasses. Focal length (15-18 feet) can do better for birding. Therefore, if you can focus your hand to confirm it.

The zoom function helps regulate the power to end birding and military. Binoculars electricity as shown in the range such as 10-50×50. This means that the scope of the power of 10-50 times the maximum.

Finally, we can not forget the design as a Porro prism, roof prism design and pocket. The latter is useful because of its small size and weight, but the picture will become clearer. Porro prism designs provide comments to be bigger, faster and closer focus, wide field of view. But it is difficult. Roof prism design offers, lightweight waterproof binoculars, but all still decent.