Overview of the fuel injection system

A fuel injector is nothing but an automatic valve that is manageable. Fuel injection is part of a mechanical system which injects fuel into the combustion chamber periodically. Fuel injection is able to open and close several times in one second. In recent years the carburetor is used for fuel delivery, fuel injectors but now almost completely replaced carburetors.

Scheme or various types of fuel injection

We discuss some of the short injection methods:

Injector Throttle-body

Throttle body injection is the simplest type of injection scheme. Such as carburetors, throttle body injector is located at the top of the machine. Injector valve body actually looks like a carburetor but it worked. Because there is no carburetor fuel bowl or metering jets. In this type of fuel injection is transferred directly into the combustion chamber or valve all boring.

Continuous injection

Injection continues, as shown by a different name with a continuous flow fuel injection continues. Fuel into the cylinder or tube is controlled by the inlet valve. There is a continuous flow of fuel at a variable rate with continuous injection.

Central Port Injection (CPI)

Injection scheme using a special type of valve called the “safety valve.” Puppet valve is the valve that is used to manage the entry and termination of drinking gasoline and consume fuel in the cylinder. Sprays fuel into each intake with the help of a tube connected to a nozzle centering.

Multi-port or multi-point fuel injection

One of the most advanced type of injection that is now known as “multi-point or multi-port injection.” This is the kind of dynamic injection features separate fuel injector for each cylinder. In a multi-port injection, fuel injection jet, once and without delay. Multipoint injection framework is one of the most sophisticated mechanical configuration allows each injector to spray fuel directly into the cylinder before recording. Therefore, the multi-port injection controller quickly get a quick response.

Modern fuel injection systems are relatively complex mechanical system of the computer, which is not limited to fuel injection. The entire process is monitored by the computer and in various parts of the property in accordance with the instructions given. There are a number of sensors that transmit important information to the computer to be repaired. Various sensors such as fuel flow control for controlling the level of oxygen.

In fact, this system is more complicated, but it works in a very different part he says. It helps to control the levels of oxygen and fuel flow, help prevent unnecessary flow of fuel to the engine. Your car’s fuel injectors provide the potential to execute properly.