Fitness Fashion: Having Style and Function for the Great Outdoors

If you love spending time in the great outdoors, then you know full well that you need to be outfitted with the right clothing and gear to properly enjoy yourself. Venturing outside with anything less than the best is a recipe for an uncomfortable and unpleasant trip. And if you’re really unlucky, it could mean injury, illness, or even death.

Simply put, functional clothing is essential for a safe trip outside. But most women don’t want to completely sacrifice style for function. Luckily, a good deal of new outdoor clothing being offered by a number of brands that will keep you safe, protect you from the elements, and help you look good.


When it comes to function, it is important to take the time of year into account. If you are planning on spending time outside in the winter, you are going to want much different gear than the summer.

Spring and fall gear is generally constructed of waterproof fabrics. These help keep the rain off your body and ensure that you stay dry. A lot of this type of gear is also very light and breathable.

Outdoor gear for the winter is very different. It is generally not only waterproof, but also water resistant. Special fabrics are used in its construction to keep every drop of moisture out. Winter gear is also very warm. It often incorporates a variety of warm inner liners into its design. If the gear is designed for snow sports like hiking, climbing, or skiing, it usually comes with a number of additional features to keep snow out. Examples include powder belts and hoods for jackets and elastic cuffs for the legs of pants.

Summer outdoor clothing offers the most variety for lovers of nature. Because the season is generally warm and dry, the fabrics used are lightweight and breathable. Shorts, shirts, and tank tops are all common summer clothing options. For adventures into extremely hot climates, such as the desert, specially-designed long-sleeve shirts and pants are often warm. These protect your skin from the sun while circulating air throughout to keep your body cool.


Over the years, outdoor clothing has become increasingly fashionable. After mastering the function side of design, clothing manufacturers have had time to dedicate more of their energy to style.

One of the most common aspects of outdoor clothing style is color. Most companies offer different color variations on each of their products to give consumers more selection.

The cut and fit of the outdoor clothing is another factor to keep in mind. Though all outdoor clothing still remains functional, designers are now able to make many more stylistic tweaks. Slim pants and fitted jackets are common.

You no longer have to choose between function and style when you venture into the great outdoors. Today women can pick from a variety of outdoor clothing that offers both in the same package. When shopping for new outdoor gear this season, be sure to consider the factors discussed above.