Colours and Prints: What You Must Have in Your Closet This Season

When it comes to colours and prints, there are a number of options from which to choose. For those looking to keep up with the latest trends, it can be helpful to look at the colours and patterns that are in style. Once you know which patterns and colours to seek out, you can incorporate them in a variety of wardrobe aspects. This season, it’s all about lace, leather, and chambray. Knowing many different ways to incorporate staple patterns into your wardrobe is a great way to save money because it allows you to mix and match, and since you can wear this season’s trends in so many different ways, a few new pieces can go a long way. Let’s take a look at the top three trends of the season.


Leather is one of those fabrics that just never goes out of style. The use of leather may have changed over the years, but it’s never truly gone out of style as a look. While the classic leather jacket is always a great choice, unique twists on the fabric have been seen recently, as well. For instance, leather leggings, if worn correctly, can be a great way to include the fabric into a modern wardrobe. Coloured leather is also popular, allowing you to incorporate your favourite colour into any outfit while staying chic and trendy. Red leather jacket, anyone?


No matter the outfit, adding a bit of lace is a great way to make it more feminine. If you’re looking for a way to incorporate lace into your wardrobe without having to don a lace dress to get your point across, this season’s fashions were made just for you. Commonly seen pieces this season include dresses made entirely of a non-lace fabric, like a knitted or silky fabric, with portions of the shoulders done up in lace. Other trends include lace belts, lace pumps, and strips of lace added to the sides, shoulders, or seams of certain garments. Mix and match with leather and you’ve got a style that’s fashionable and fabulous.


Many people don’t know what chambray is if you simply say the word, but once they see it, they instantly recognize it. Of course, the classic chambray shirt has become such a staple that you’d be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t recognize it. Although chambray is often confused with denim because of its similar appearance, it’s actually a double-ply woven fabric with one coloured thread, usually blue, and a perpendicular thread in white. This lends to its casual but chic look, which has contributed to its popularity. Wearing the classic chambray shirt is always an option, but chambray anything is popular, so don’t hesitate to get a little creative.

This season, there are many beautiful fashion choices when it comes to colours and prints. Feel free to mix and match to create your own unique style. Mixing some lace-print pumps with a leather jacket and jeans can add a feminine touch to that edgy style, whereas a classic chambray shirt with a lace-adorned tank can be a new twist on an old favourite. Express yourself, and use these patterns and fabrics along with the colours you love for a look that’s entirely yours.