10 Most Popular Spring Teen Fashions

Being a teenager isn’t easy.  You want to use your imagination and express your individuality through what you wear, but are constantly being judged by others.  Parents, teachers, even other teenagers just can’t seem to look at you, for just you.  They insist on making up their minds about others based on clothing, hairstyles, grades, cars, living standards… all the things that don’t actually speak to what is truly on the inside.  But fashion is fashion and if you like to dress up to today’s fashion standards, it’s time to look, at some 2014 Spring fashion trends.  It’s not too soon and the holidays are coming up so gifts might be coming your way.  Maybe you should make your parents aware of some helpful hints like internet coupons and discounts available or by cutting some pictures out of magazines and leave them lying around.

Cross Body Handbags

This is not to say that you can’t throw that strap over just one shoulder but they are made extra long so that there’s plenty of strap to fit diagonally across your body.  Leather, cloth – these bags come in many shapes, colors and textures.

Jewelry With Heart

Accessories like crazy are accompanying the following: jackets, tees, leggings, dresses, skirts, shorts and more.  Just changing up your accessories can change the entire statement your outfit makes.

Brightly Colored Jackets With Above-The-Knee Skirts

Trendy colors are being mixed with styles that are more on the lines of vintage.  Mini skirts are yesterday once again.  Not so however, for short shorts.  Just make sure everything that needs covering is covered!

Graphic Leggings

Graphics on practically anything from leggings to T-shirts.  Make sure that whatever graphics you go with are going to fly at school.  Most schools have a dress code and some kids do get sent home to change clothes, if someone deems the image on your shirt (or other garment) offensive or inappropriate.


Bright colors (even neon) is being incorporated into everything from jackets to skirts to leggings. Obviously, a throwback to the 1990′s, when hot pink, green and yellow were all the trendy rage.


Polkadots, little flowers, big flowers, stripes… the possibilities are very nearly limitless.