Updating Your Wardrobe for Spring and Summer

Spring has arrived in New Zealand so it is time to start thinking about your wardrobe once again. We all know that our weather can be a bit “four seasons in one day” but it is nice to think that we’ll be able to wear a few more dresses than in the winter months. So take the risk and move some of your thickest coats to the back of your closet, and then hit the shops to find some new key pieces for the upcoming season. If you have no idea where to start, why don’t you use a few of my helpful tips?

Buy a tunic or two 

My first suggestion is to look in the shops and online to find a couple of tunics to add to your collection of clothes. Perfect for plus size fashion, a tunic is a perfect mix of design and practicality. You’ll be able to pair one with tapered leg trousers on a cooler day, or opt for a thin pair of footless tights when it gets a bit warmer. Have a look at the colours and patterns available and choose something that suits your features and skin tone. Finally, on chilly days you will be able to pop a cropped jacket over the top to finish your look.

Find a cropped jacket

Of course, if you don’t have a cropped jacket, you might want to go and look for one that suits your shape. I’ve seen some beautiful ones in the shops already, ranging from bombers to denim styles. Black is a safe choice, but I’m noticing a lot of royal blue and coral tones in the shops at present which could bring a boost of seasonal colour to your wardrobe. Aside from looking great with a tunic, you’ll also be able to wear your new jacket with dresses, skirts and jeans.

Look for a statement top

My next tip would be to bring your outfits right up-to-date with a brilliant statement top. There are so many styles available right now, but my personal favourite is the crossover top. They have a gorgeous dipped neckline, but this might mean that you want to wear a slip underneath when wearing it in the office. Other good choices include waterfall front shirts – which look very slimming – or a floaty shirt which gathers slightly under the bust to provide a nice definition to your shape.

Consider office wear

Finally, don’t forget about what you’ll wear at work during the warmer days. This year there are some bold pencil skirts in blues and other gorgeous prints. I’d recommend pairing one of these with a basic vest and a ruched neck cardigan. If you prefer something more covering, find a three-quarter length pair of slim leg trousers and complete your outfit with a smart swing top tee. On cooler days you could wear a shaped hem jacket with either of these outfits and it would look fabulous.