Signs of Automatic Transmission Failure

An automatic transmission is an automatic transmission shifting gears to reach a certain speed to adjust the system to the vehicle’s computer. It is considered that the system is more complicated and complex modern vehicle transmissions. The main components of a modern automatic mechanical transmission, hydraulic systems, electrical systems and computer controls. All work areas very quickly and once you do not see them until or unless we have a problem. All of these components work in perfect harmony.

It is not always possible to go without problems. With the passage of time the two sides can not work as effectively as it used to do frequently. Sometimes you have to change things that are not working properly. To change the transmission does not work economically. Many of the costs when they have to be replaced for any reason. But some things in mind, you can easily fix the problem and save money. Not given some of the common problems that often lead to failure of the transmission or render them ineffective. You have to take them into account for better performance from your automatic transmission.


If you ever find that you have trouble changing the car or teeth that do not need to take the time to get involved, then you should be a problem shipping there there. This is known as an offset problem. Many other reasons to move, not the transmission. It may cause cable, sometimes not considered a problem sending this issue.


This problem occurs mainly when switching between gears. Slipping often make some sort of sound between gears and gear shifting take too much time to participate in the trip. This is another sign of the failure of the transmission.


Each sound unusual and unique car when you can be a change of transmission. You need to check the time and the noise transfer vehicle. If the noise is correct at the time of mechanical changes then you should contact your transmission.


It is important to keep an eye on the parking lot floor. If ever you find the type of fluid or oil on the ground means that something is leaking. Emission transmission fluid can cause serious damage to the engine or transmission. Transmission fluid cooler not only make deliveries, but also make transmission gears lubricated to prevent swelling.

Ongoing conflict will result in breaking the gear transmission.

Check Engine Light

Do not take lightly laid machine. Whenever it comes, it is best to consult with a mechanic before it is too late. Submachine may be a little problem for one or more.


No movement in the car when the engine is started and try to move the car to drive may be another sign of the failure of the transmission. This is the main sign and requires immediate treatment.

Prevention / Solution

The only precaution to prevent the signs of common configuration. Regular maintenance is regarded as the key to the solution. Note the small problem is always worth less than the principal. So take care and have a better understanding of the conditions and problems of your car.