Repair windshield Chip

Not only can save money by repairing cracked windshield, but it can save a person’s life. It may be a little high with stones thrown at the front of the vehicle or criminal acts by an unseen destroyer. Either way, the debris hitting the windshield definitely leave marks. A glass chip can be transmitted as a complete barrier web causes your view through the glass without any warning. Obviously nobody wants to happen the way. In most cases, it is illegal to take a car if the driver’s view obstructed because the cracked windshield.

Fortunately, it is relatively easy and cheap to get in touch with a small chip that is an inch or less in diameter. This task takes less than half an hour for the repair kit and easy to access from a mobile auto shop. Follow the simple instructions.


Repair Kit windshield syringe-type
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Window Cleaner


Step 1:

Use glass cleaner to clean the entire chip and let it dry. A cloth should be placed under the chipping area, it will prevent the repair of the body reaches in excess of paint or stain glass.

Step 2:

Driven through the hole in the disc and peeled the adhesive backing paper. Discs should be centered area proposed to be set, press the windshield with tabs that make up the disk.

Step 3:

Support should be attached to the side of the disc and you have to peel the plastic support rod in accordance with the guidelines that the repair kit.

Step 4:

The cover should be removed now be pressed syringes and needles to set the compound to support the shaft. Continue until the syringe in position.

Step 5:

Now remove the plunger from the syringe and then press and push the chip repair chemicals. Should be repeated until the process Cascade syringe is empty. Allow at least half an hour in direct sunlight for improvements to sit.

Step 6:

Syringes and support rods must be obtained from the adhesive disk. Should use the box cutter or razor to remove the excess material from the disk and the initial repair.

Tips and Measures

It is important to take safety precautions for repair kit for windshield has harmful chemicals that can cause acid burns. Avoid contact with skin, eyes and body of the vehicle.
It is always better to fix the little chip windshields before they become a loophole to meet hundreds of proven safety hazard.