Electricity Strings

The energy supply chain is an end result that is permanently affixed to the electrical equipment or appliances, electrical cord sets and cable sets that can be used with any apparatus or equipment used electric. You can use in the office, industrial, commercial and domestic installations. Power cord extension cable is a cable or cable assembly that helps the devices connected to a power source or a source outside the area where you use the computer. The extension cord is used in various applications such as lighting, sound equipment, workshop equipment and many other domestic arrangement. Power Cord NEMA power connector common in North America, capacity and voltage configuration cable from the electrical outlet. This is consistent with other parts of the different standards of the North standard for the international market is also known as the “international power cables America. There is also a plug adapter to make peace with NEMA Plug Socket International.

Plug is one end of the power cord connected to an electrical outlet, outlet or power supply plug and women who are connected to the equipment or appliance. Power supply for cable manufacturers to develop electric cable according to different regions and countries, as they have several different standard voltages and electric storage configuration that may or may not be interchangeable with other cables places. North America is often referred to as the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) standards for the power cord and to distinguish them from the international standards. Search used may not be used or standard NEMA 15 types of electric cables outside North America is exchanged.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the type of power cables for different applications. Manufacturer of electric cable in different specifications, including rated voltage, rated current, jacket materials, safety, length, shape and size of the maximum temperature of cables and wires. Define the most appropriate type of application materials for cable cover. The jacket is different thermoforming PVC, rubber, textile and construction also polychloroprene. The size of the power cable or power cable is determined by the amount of voltage across the wire. NEMA sets standards for both jack male power and female company outlet. Polarized power plug when the physical properties of the blade allows the plug is connected to a power outlet only one way. Polarization and land needed to improve high voltage equipment and electrical equipment can be an increased risk of electric shock when they become live.

There are a variety of power cables in the market depends on its size, the application will use (heavy, medium, low), the AWG size, isolation and various jacket. These include international power cords, cord sets, AC power cord, power cable, electrical receptacles, plug, NEMA power cord, cable cover, power supply, cables, extension cords, cables and plug adapter assembly Plug and Cover. All the power connector on the top of the wire and cable used in various applications with high, medium and low density.