An overview of the injection pump of diesel fuel

The only similarity between diesel and petrol engines is that they are each involved in an internal combustion engine. However, the difference between them lies in the ignition process.

Gasoline engine uses sparks to ignite the fuel, where the chamber compressing the diesel fuel combustion. Therefore, a bit different than the diesel combustion engine fuel or engine work.

Gasoline or petrol or comparatively lighter than diesel and fuel evaporation process of a diesel engine is also much slower than the gasoline engine. The energy density of diesel fuel in the engine too high, resulting in greater energy efficiency. This high density of diesel at the pump makes it more popular among the other petrol engines.

How Diesel Injector Pump Diesel pump runs or

As an injection pump fuel pump diesel fuel or diesel compresses the fuel in the combustion chamber to ignite, infuse or inject fuel directly into the cylinder. After recording the super-hot compressed’ve contact with the cylinder in the diesel fuel. In this regard, it is important to consider two types of ignition of fuel in a diesel fuel pump:

Direct injection: injection pump fuel type diesel direct injection process inherently noisy. With the increase in fuel pump direct injection into the top of the combustion chamber. 15-20% more efficient compared to other pump fuel supply fortified beverage.

Direct Injection: Fuel efficiency is reduced by 5 to 10% of not directly injection process. In this process, fuel is first delivered to the antechamber or pre-chamber for initial combustion. Once the fuel is injected into the main combustion chamber end.

Diesel fuel pump is too powerful and complex systems. This may depend on the machine at any place depending on the requirements of different vehicles. Now, briefly discuss some of the important parts of the diesel injection pump.

Cold start valve

Almost like a choke carburetor engine. The valve to the fuel stop and began the process begins. The main part of boards containing valves, O-rings and valve themselves.

Diesel injection pump

Diesel injection pumps, as the name suggests the fuel injection pump for delivering fuel injection are available for further processing. Some common parts, solenoid diesel injection pump seals, diesel injection pump, gaskets diesel injection pump, etc.

Diesel Injector

Diesel injector is an important part of the whole mechanism. Injector is there to really help fuel injection. Diesel injector heat shield, line support diesel fuel, diesel fuel thermostat, diesel cigar hose etc are some of the most important part of it.

Diesel vacuum pump

They are intended to create the necessary vacuum to draw fuel. An important component of diesel vacuum pump, vacuum control valve, repair kit diesel vacuum pump, pump seals vacuum diesel etc

Another fuel injection pump is the same, the quality of the diesel fuel pump also tinataasan daily progress in this sector.