How wear your Chelsea Boots?

If you’ve not caught up with the fashion for Chelsea boots, yet, then you might be wondering just what they are. Let me enlighten you. The Chelsea boot is an ankle boot with elastic sides. They have been around for ages, since 1837 if you want to be precise, when Queen Victoria’s boot maker by appointment came up with what he called ‘elastic gusset boots’ for riding. The elastic part was really cutting edge technology then, because the American innovator Charles Goodyear had just discovered how to vulcanise rubber. Having elastic panels (I think we can agree to drop the word gusset, don’t you?) these boots were easy to slip into and out of, and they have been around in one form or other ever since. I don’t really know how they got the name ‘Chelsea’ unless their smart look was felt to belong to a smart and affluent part of the capital.

Anyway, Chelsea boots have come storming back into fashion for pretty obvious reasons. They are a bona fide design classic – simple, stylish, comfortable and the rest – and they are the sort of boots than you can wear with all sorts of outfits. They are classy, but they have a definite Bohemian vibe that adds to their versatility.

Now you may be thinking, well obviously they are going to say that, aren’t they? Every new fashionable item is hyped up as being everything to every woman. But it really is true with Chelsea boots. If, like me, you’re a recent convert, here are ten of the many ways you could wear them:

1) With skinny jeans, a rose print floral blouse and a chunky cardigan. How about that for the Ultimate in Autumnal?

2) If you’re feeling more daring, then how about matching the boots up with black tights, a dark floral tea dress and an aviator jacket?

3) Create a stir and contrast the severe simplicity of the boots with an animal print dress. The deliberate, striking contrast will turn heads.

4) A simple tunic style dress in a solid primary colour, your Chelsea boots and you. Again it’s all stark simplicity. Less can be more if you judge it right.

5) Go black and white. A little black dress, a sleeveless white jacket, a skinny black belt and your black Chelsea boots. Back in the ‘60s, when Chelsea boots were all the range, they would have called this outfit groovy.