A Guide for Changing Tires

Each driver must have the basic skills to change a tire. This is especially useful for re moving too fast. This is how one can change a tire. Follow the instructions.

Need a tool

Lock Wheels
Wheel Covers or brick
Wheel Nut Wrench
Rubber Mallet
Lever, crowbar or large screwdriver
Protective gloves work


Step 1:

Vehicles must be parked on a flat surface and interacts with the handbrake should be. It should be placed gear manual transmission vehicles. Make sure the car is not on the road. You have to get out of the engine and turn on the lights. Open the hood of the car while it is indicative of the vehicle and go to the other drivers.

Step 2:

Put a suitable rock or behind the wheel to prevent the car launch. This should be done even when there is a slight incline. Place a car jack, spare parts, and lock nuts.

Step 3:

You have to remove the hubcap if necessary.

Step 4:

Must loosen the nut holding the steering wheel before the car jacked. One end of a key security must be placed on top of beans. A hole with a length of about 2 feet in diameter should be used to take advantage of the sheet at the end of the wrench above. Now turn the key to the left to loosen the nut. If no star-shaped loosen, loosen the early rounds and then loosen the opposite. Working horizontally on the wheel until all the nuts are slightly unscrewed.

Step 5:

Jack carefully to improve the car in the car and check the manual for instructions. The vehicle must be jacked up a little higher than necessary to eliminate the shelf space available for ages and then gone before.

Step 6:

Lug nuts should be removed all the way and set aside where they will not roll away. Flat tire depends on the struts.

Step 7:

Remove the flat tire today and put it aside.

Step 8:

Lift the new tire on the wheel bolts. In case of any confusion about it on the right track, then try to find a valve that tree always done.

Step 9:

Now the nut must be replaced. Tighten them in the same way in the wavy. Turn each nut for some time and worked in a star around the wheel. Do not tighten adjacent nuts consecutively.

Step 10:

Now, when the tire wears, and slowly lower the jack and then release.

Step 11:

Nut is tightened, make sure they are tight.

Step 12:

Now restored hubcaps.

New wheels tires. Take an old tire shop or garage as soon as possible, and have the correct torque nut.

Tips and Measures

Do not go under a vehicle supported by a jack. If you intended, use jack stands to support the vehicle is approved.
A hydraulic jack and jack the car to make it easier.
Make sure you are aware that the wheel lock key must be in the car. This place is the glove and stick to the jack handle.
The procedure for replacing the tire can carry several times to get the habit of doing what you are prepared in case of emergency.