4 Ways to Find the Perfect Fit for Your Bra

The amount of women who believe that they are one size but eventually discover that their true bra size is somewhat different is a larger number than you would imagine. Many women are simply shocked to discover that they are wearing the wrong bra size and relieved when they discover the correct fitting and enjoy greater comfort and support for their breasts as a result.

Here is a look at 4 ways to make sure that you end up with the right size for you and do not have to endure straps digging into your shoulders and unwanted back pain.

Basic measuring tips

One of the most important things to appreciate is that cup size is not the definitive measurement to rely on and should be treated as a guide to finding your true size, which will be determined once you have taken into account other factors as well.

You can get some more information on how to measure your bra size but the starting point is to bust the myth, if you excuse the pun, that if you have small breasts that you must be an A cup and if you have larger breasts, you must be a D cup.

When you go for a bra fitting you will find that cup size is actually proportional to band size, so your final defined measurement is also dependent on band size too. A D cup measurement could mean that you are a 32D or a 36 D for example, a fair difference which is reliant on the volume that you have, but both D cups, which highlights the differences that can exist within a perceived range.

Look and feel

The ultimate aim for many women when it comes to getting the right bra, is to find one that looks and feels just right. There are a few ways that you can tell if the bra you are wearing is a perfect fit or not.

The snug band either side of your breasts should be doing most of the work in holding them in place and the band on a correctly fitted and sized bra should allow enough room for you to put two fingers under the band, any more and it is too loose and any less and it is probably too tight.

A good bra should give you adequate side coverage so that no tissue is coming out of the sides of the cups beneath your armpits. If you wear an underwire bra, you can gauge the side coverage with the underwire. If the end is pointing toward the middle of your armpit then that should be the correct fitting.

The gore is the part of the bra between the two cups and this should sit flat against your chest, without digging in or feeling uncomfortable.

Try to achieve a smooth curve and if your bra has too small a cup, it will cut into the top of your cleavage and create what is referred to as the quad-boob look. What you are looking for is a clean silhouette shape with no stray breast tissue trying to escape.