World Records in Road

All people dream of a world record, and worked in the transportation industry is no exception to this rule. Man with many years on the road, more returnloads completed within 24 hours, or perhaps even the maximum number of hamburgers you can get through the lunch stop, always worth having a goal to aspire to. We saw some of the meetings in the transportation industry the most amazing albums.

World’s Fastest Pickup

Ovebrink Boije eg truck drivers, currently hold the world record for the fastest standing mile in heavy trucks. Under the supervision of the Swedish Motor Sport Council, Boije make a record attempt at the airport in Vasteras in Sweden. Ovebrink record in 2001, managed to reach the speed of 96.77 miles per hour in short kilometers. And with the new company, to be struck. It is undeniable that the world’s fastest truck, though not perhaps the most returnloads where delivery is concerned and success.

Most Fuel-Efficient Truck

In May 2008, the Guinness World Records judge heading to Nardo in Italy to watch the recording of the efforts of the most fuel-efficient trucks. Track started Nardo Technical Center, a subsidiary of Daimler Truck in Germany record business for a week, which resulted in a truck around the track for twenty hours a day. Distracted driving only to change drivers, refueling, and to change the direction in which the person is driving. Nearly 8,000 miles later, the truck carrying fuel drank an average of 6.8 liters per 100 kilometers, the truck somehow drinking more fuel efficient in the world. Therefore, if you are looking for a truck that would returnloads want without having to worry about your use of the fuel can be the answer you are looking for.

Most people turn to Polish Car

Now we all want to make sure that you look beautiful trip as we set off on our returnloads, but I suspect many of us realize that we can design others for help. Apparently, if there’s a world record, you can get plenty of hands-on whatever you want! In January 2010, attended the event the jury to see the number of Polish people makakapagmaneho together for a minute. The answer? 63. Actually make it fun smooth many taxis are, after all, many hands make light work.

Pickup Truck Driver Women’s Biggest

If you are likely to see time on the road a little peace and quiet away from your better half, then the world record will be one to avoid. In 2004, a record of 416 set by the all female truck convoy in the Netherlands. This year should be an attempt to beat this record, the women who come from all over the United States to build a giant convoy. Among those listed, there are 3,097 years of collective experience in the transportation industry, it seems that women can not be denied. Was able to beat the current world record, you can bet that women will continue to take delivery of the truck and returnloads until the next opportunity arises to break the record.

So, as you drive along the road returnloads, take your imagination and think about the world record to be searched. There was something really funny, so do not be afraid to be creative.