Team selection camp for short vacation

If it is a rock festival, hiking, or a few days in camp, you must follow the rules of three external equipment must be light to carry, take up less space and provide maximum protection.

To ensure that your clothes do not get wet, you need to invest in some good quality waterproof – it means something a little better than the average pac-a-Mac. Heavy rubber overalls are not needed and can make you uncomfortably hot and sweaty. Invest in a lightweight, breathable brands such as Regatta, is rather heavy. There is wide range of Regatta jackets and underwear in our catalog external equipment Outdoor World Direct. They turned to the right, and it is available in sizes for adults and children. Best of all, avoid the heaviest rainfall – for a minimal fee.

Camper Shoes always invest serious outdoors camping equipment sector. Some just look at the coach, but offer grip, support and comfort for the regular instructor empty. For those who do a lot of hiking, especially hiking, preferred brand Brasher. Leather boots are waterproof solid is more expensive than other brands hit, but it did not disappoint. They are padded for comfort and protection offered ankle no ordinary coach. They also have a Gore-Tex membrane, allowing your feet to “breathe”.

Merrell is equally high quality of performance, but more as a coach with a much better design for summer hikers. Hi Tec also carries a wide range of hiking boots. It was not too long or Merrell Brasher, but they are more expensive and come with a coach and traditional leather. Whatever you buy, remember to leave enough room for thick socks.

The most important element of your trip will be a canvas. We at Outdoor World Direct has a wide range of small, light shop cheap price campaign. If you’re out camping equipment around you, you want the lightest available. However, you need to make sure that does not fly when a gust of wind. Pop-up store from brands such as Outwell is a good investment, and it is available in different sizes. They are quick to build, and is perfect for holidays and weekends away.

If you make a Duke of Edinburgh award or other “serious” site, you will need a tent that can stand up to adverse weather conditions. Vango variety of high-strength lightweight tents, some of which are built to withstand mountain conditions. Your outdoor equipment specialist will help you choose.

A backpack is essential if you are traveling. Do not skimp on this – it must be waterproof and comfortable and provide support for the back. For parties and camping, and a large cargo bag can double as storage.

Whatever type of camping you are doing, you should be comfortable at night. The cheapest option is a thick foam mattress. However, the most convenient and easy to use self-inflating mattress. Other external equipment should include flashlights, sleeping bags and cooking utensils. If the site does not have a toilet block, you will need your own toiletries as well.

All this, and more, can be found in camping equipment specialists like us at Outdoor World Direct.