Pennsylvania Auto Range: Legal Requirements

Buy car insurance in PA often confuse drivers, especially if buying for the first time. When presented with a confusing mix of numbers paper, legalese and fine print, sometimes the easiest to do is sign on the dotted line and you simply choose the lowest price, the choice of the minimum range. However, choosing the type of coverage because only attractive price can be a problem in silence until the unexpected happens. This article takes a closer look at the PA state minimum coverage for auto insurance to help you make an informed buying decision rules later.


Many PA insurance agents referred to as the state minimum coverage is the term used in the short-hand to determine the scope of the following “15/30/5”.:

$ 15,000 per injured person responsible
$ 30,000 damage per accident liability
$ 5,000 for property damage

$ 5,000 in health benefits coverage –


The cost of damage to the body responsible for helping the injured person to file a lawsuit against you as a result of an accident at-fault liability is applied. With this coverage, an individual to be up to $ 15,000, but the charge only applies to $ 30,000 per accident. Depending on the severity of the accident, a trip to the hospital alone can exceed $ 2,000, not including costs incurred in the emergency room. With two full four cars each, the cost can reach $ 16 000, even before they reach the hospital.

Damage to property

Assume liability coverage for any damage incurred damaged by an at-fault accident that owned the property. Based on 15/30/5 plan, you are covered up to $ 5000 to fix almost anything from telephone pole fence. To put this in perspective, the cost to replace the power pole easily exceed $ 6,000.

Medical Benefits

Finally, PA insurance companies are required by law to protect drivers who incur medical expenses of the accident. PA state minimum coverage, the driver of the insured up to $ 5,000 in coverage. After the initial $ 5,000, health insurance coverage will kick in to cover the extra costs, however, if you have health insurance will be charged personally.

Leading consult an insurance agent in PA can help you determine the best coverage for your driving needs. Define specifically for car insurance may depend on the amount of miles you drive in a certain time, the primary use of your vehicle, the driving experience, the main area where the vehicle is used and other variables . In addition to ensuring the state minimum insurance coverage of people are protected to some extent, in most cases, more profitable to spend a little more to ensure that there is no uncertainty.