Free Tire Mounting

Keeping your tires in good condition and maintained attached great importance. After all, is not based on the road for four round rubber patch anyway. For a job well done, the right tools and the technical expertise required to mount and balance the tires. Here is the basic information about what is involved in mounting and balancing the tires on the car. Follow the simple instructions.

Need a tool

Balance Spinning Machine
Tire iron or assembling machines
Switch Grains


Step 1:

First, let the air out of the tires to be changed. To do this quickly, eliminating the tire stem.

Step 2:

Use the bead breaker to break the rope from old tires. To use the maximum break the cord, just press the only RIM.

Step 3:

Make sure you choose the correct tire size for the rim. If this is not true, then there is no really good. A new valve stem will have to put in as well.

Step 4:

To put the wheel rim, using a mounting machine or pump iron for this purpose. Be careful not to damage the tire or rim during the installation process. There is a chance that the installation of the machine can be part of the spin balance machine. In this case, the instructions for installing the machine must follow.

Step 5:

However, the balance wheel must be in the propaganda machine. Manufacturer’s instructions must be followed and the weight of the wheel should be placed where needed. A balancing machine spinning and excellent equipment available at the tire shop.

Step 6:

Nowadays, the tires must be properly inflated. Car owners manual should consult with the proper PSI inflation. To avoid unsafe conditions, check the tire pressure every month.

Step 7:

This alignment is also important to try to get it. This will help keep the new tires wear evenly.

Additional information and tips

Tires are one of the most important parts. They should be changed from time to time as signs of wear or when a flat tire too quickly. When this happens, the tire must be mounted and fitted with new tires according to their relevance. A local mechanic or technician to find the best fit for your specific car rim.

To install the tire and the wheel well, make sure to follow some precautions are required:

There should be no accumulation of mud or dirt from the wheel and hub.
Tires must not be bent or broken.
Tires must be firmly attached to the hub.
Each taco had to fix the torque.
Secure tire mounted on the same beads