Conduction studies, gear changes

With ample car manufacturing automatic transmission now seems a bit unnecessary to know the process of shifting gears in a car. Young people are interested to know the approach to bring a car with a manual transmission. But if you are a car enthusiast, then this type of skill is a must-have. Knowing the change in strategy will be very useful when you rent a car rental. Many rental cars with a manual and less expensive than automatic transmissions transmission. Follow the instructions were simple enough.


In a car with a manual transmission, first gear at 10-15 mph speeds up interaction. If there is a need to increase the speed, the teeth will be transferred to the second. It is believed that more teeth because the car can be driven at moderate speeds of 25 mph. If traffic is moving very slowly, the brakes will help keep the car in second gear.

Obviously the faster the highest speed you want, is the necessary equipment to participate. Speed ​​is very special in that the teeth varies with each vehicle used. This is the most likely cause of the necessary skills before familiar with the gears in the car. Third gear is generally suitable for driving in the city, including the first tooth should move when approaching a stop and then look again. Use the highest gear available car is needed when driving on the road or highway.

This is not an exercise in fear of learning to move teeth. The main point is to distinguish the sound of the engine when switching speed when the car accelerates. RPM Meter also helps the driver at the time, the shift lever. If the car is running at a faster pace walking capacity, the engine will make a buzzing sound of a higher pitch. It is a common phrase that has to change gear. RPM meter usually reaches 3000-3500 rpm when the teeth have to move at a higher speed.

To change gears, really lift the right foot off the clutch pedal while the left foot is pressed. The machine will immediately calm and reduce idle RPM levels. Pull the shifter from first to second with the clutch pedal depressed anyway. When finished, release the clutch pedal slowly while the accelerator pedal is pressed while in a stable manner. Continue driving and switch to a higher gear with increasing speed.

For slow and slow, press the clutch and move the lower speed. Remember to hit the brakes and the heavy step with excessive force.