A Guide to Changing the oil filter

Most drivers do not know how to change the oil in your car engine. In fact, it is a task that is required after every 6,000 miles or 6 months, whichever comes first. Many drivers drive in a dirty old oil can cause engine degradation. Do not be too hard to change the oil filter and can be done in a DIY style, here is a simple guide. Follow the simple instructions.

Be Needed

New oil filter
New Oil
New Oil Cap
Container for used oil
Wheelie Board
Fixed axial
Wrench or socket set sump plug
Latex gloves


Step 1:

It is important to be performed within two hours of driving the car for an oil change. If the dipstick is not showing the correct temperature. A good idea is to run the engine at low speed for a few minutes before the ozone oil and help drain the oil.

Step 2:

Vehicles must be parked on a flat surface, making stability is assured.

Step 3:

Open the hood and remove the oil filler cap. Usually made of plastic and located in the engine block at the top. Check the vents on the cap be any barriers and replace all the plug if it is locked.

Step 4:

Locate the oil filter and sump plug. Looks sump plug usually hexagonal bolt head facing down or to the side, which is usually located in the rear of the machine. Easy access without putting the car in making this case, skip step 5 and 13.

Step 5:

Now, the car must be raised in jack on the front. Leaving the weight of the car is not advisable to paint for a long time. So put the axle stands under the front wheels are important and multiple forms of security.

Step 6:

Remove the drain plug on the left with a set of key / socket and create a container ready to catch the oil flowing. Keep your head away.

Step 7:

Turn sump plug take it out by hand and let the oil drain old oil container. Continue to watch the flow of oil containers tend to move. Drained oil must be disposed of properly.

Step 8:

Sump plug has a magnetic tip. The oil should be removed and carefully examined. If the edge has many small metal filings, is a sign that the machine is degrading. You may have several reasons for this, including rust. Make sure that the oil is not changed often in the future.

Step 9:

Do I need to unscrew the oil filter opposite. Hand can be used, but the key chain is widely used.

Step 10:

Wipe a thin layer of oil around the rubber seal of the new oil filter to ensure good contact. Then screw the new filter and hand tighten only. Avoid too tight.

Step 11:

In the case of completely emptied of oil at this time. Replace and tighten the drain plug about half cycles of the past with the key / socket set.

Step 12:

Now remove the jack and axle stands and take the car back to a level position.

Step 13:

Now, locate and remove the dipstick, wipe the old oil and replace it.

Step 14:

Pour new engine oil and make the socks after a pint or 30 seconds, check the dipstick level. Continue pouring the oil until it reaches the top of the stem.

Step 15:

Finally, change the engine oil filler cap.

Step 16:

Start and run the engine for a few minutes to evaluate the performance.