Puff Power: How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

Do your puffy eyes and unsightly eye bags hound you all the time? Puffy eyes are commonly caused by sleeping too much or too little, fluid retention from excess sodium intake, drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking, allergic reactions, and the normal aging process. But you can reduce or banish eye puffiness fast. Here are some easy and quick fixes to get rid of puffy eyes, so you can brave the big day ahead with fresh-looking bright eyes.

Apply caffeinated eye cream or moistened black tea bags.

Caffeine has the tendency to absorb the fluid that collects in your under-eye area, eliminating the puffiness and giving the skin under your eyes a tighter, smoother appearance. When you use tea bags, take care not to choose ones with citrus or lemon ingredients as they can sting and irritate the eyes.

Gently dab on cold witch hazel extract on the puffy eye area.

Witch hazel is used as a natural astringent and herbal remedy. It imparts a skin-tightening effect and works fast. Moisten two cotton pads with witch hazel, close your eyes, and then place them on the puffy eye area for up to five minutes. Keep a small bottle of witch hazel extract in the fridge for your quick morning touch-ups.

Use good old cold cucumber slices.

This delicious salad staple is also a fantastic beauty tool. Place two thick slices of fresh and chilled cucumber on your eyes. Allow the enzymes to soak through the skin and safely fight off the inflammation. Enjoy the soothing and cooling effect of cucumber on your eyes!

Fight puffiness with fresh potatoes.

Like cucumbers, potatoes have natural anti-inflammatory properties you can rely on to banish dull and puffy eyes. Grate a small peeled potato. Place the grated potato in a permeable cloth to allow the potato juices to soak through and be absorbed by the skin around your eyes.

Try a bag of frozen peas or cold metal spoons.

This anti-puffiness remedy is quick and effective. Place either a bag of frozen peas or a cold metal spoon on the eye area for around three minutes. You will notice the skin under your eyes tighten and the eye bags disappear.

Apply egg whites.

Get rid of eye puffiness and prevent wrinkles by gently dabbing egg whites on your under-eye area. Whip the egg whites until they become stiff. You can also add two to three drops of witch hazel extract before you apply the mixture carefully under your eyes. Wait for it to dry completely before you rinse it.

Minimize your sodium intake.

Salt is unavoidable, because almost all foods, especially processed ones, contain it. But you can reduce your salt consumption. Doing so not only gets rid of the fluid retention under your eyes, but also keeps you away from blood pressure surges that contribute to cardiovascular disease. To help lower your salt intake, minimize your consumption of canned and processed edibles.

Shun alcoholic drinks and cigarettes.

This is fool-proof advice and is not only meant to address your frequent eye puffiness. Your body will thank you, too.