Guidelines for repairing chipped glass

Windshield very durable and built to last. A small chip area is the total destruction of their performance. Rain and cold weather can cause the bit to produce cracks and fissures can be a serious problem. If spoiled all the glass then the best option would be fully reimbursed, but not worth the time and money. You can save a lot of money to fix and repair the cracked windshield. This task will not be long, cheaper and more convenient to visit an auto parts store.

To repair broken or damaged windshield, just follow these instructions:

Need a tool

Cleaning Tool
Glass Repair Kit


Step 1:

First, do not clean the damaged area with glass cleaner, and then let it dry completely. Once the area is completely dry, it should be placed under the back area to tackle any resin that can be derived from a DIY kit.

Step 2:

Windshield Repair Kit Now open, the disk that contains gluten. Put the disc in the center of the chip and the tab should be pointing towards you. Foundation kit should be placed on record.

Step 3:

The next step is to open the syringe and put it on a pedestal. Must perform the syringe and plunger kakalabas The. Compounds forced to disk. Usually this process must be about ten times. However, in contrast to the brand.

Step 4:

Allow some time about half an hour to dry the area well repaired under the sun. After analyzing the foam. If there are indications that some of the compounds should be implemented.

Step 5:

For the finishing process, a syringe. Then, you have to remove the base and the disc with a razor blade. If the repair compound, then use a razor blade to clean up, but be careful when doing this so that the glass will not scratch.

Windshield repair DIY style that you think you would be satisfied with saving a lot of money. If someone knows how to fix repair kits for windshield chipped and well in hand, then you do not have to worry about damage to the windshield starts.

Information and advice

When preparing to repair, it is suggested that the car must be parked facing the sun, so the windshield to warm up. Ultraviolet rays are useful in curing the resin completely.
It is always better to repair small chips before expanding unbridgeable rift proved the possibility of a safety hazard.