Hot Fashion Accessories to Complete Your Winter Look

You’ve got the perfect outfit selected; now all you need to do is complete the look by accessorising. Accessories are the cherry on top of a perfect


Simple but sweet, a must have for every winter. There are two scarves that you must have hanging in your wardrobe not just for winter but all year round. A chunky knit is a great day time scarf, it makes you look and feel cosy. It’s a great way to compliment a casual outfit and add colour to your outfit. For the night time you will need a silk scarf. This creates an elegant feel. Choose one with a statement pattern; you want it to draw the eye and grab attention.

Head wear

This isn’t just stylish but also practical. This season you should go for a bowler hat or beanie… or both! The bowler is back with a vengeance, it’s a great way to add a bit of quirkiness to any outfit. This is a day or night hat and hero on bad hair days, be sure to keep one on standby. The beanie has been a staple for the winter season for years. It really is an essential. It’s available in every colour and pattern so all you have to do it take your pick. Pair it with a coat for a cool and casual winter look.


There are a variety of women’s jackets and coats available, take your time to find one that compliments your body shape. The classic blazer is a great way to professionalise any outfit or you can make your look more casual with a military inspired parka. Think about what style is going to be more useful for you.


The satchel is back and it’s bigger than ever and I couldn’t be happier! You can get any size and any colour you like. Try to think versatile though when making your selection, you want a bag that goes with more than one outfit and can carry your everyday essentials. This bag is professional and preppy, the best of both worlds.

When reviewing these hot accessories consider what is going to compliment your already existing style. You want it to suit your attitude and personality. This will insure that you are comfortable in your look and therefore confident. There is not just one right way to pull off a trend, it is different for each individual so make sure to find items that you love.