Walk Like A Queen With Crockett and Jones

When in London and you want to shop like a Queen, then it is a must to visit the historical Jermyn Street shops. This famous street is said to be the fashion district of royalty way back 1664. These shops are located at the heart of St. James, a place you wouldn’t miss. Jermyn Street is known to be the melting pot of London’s finest tailors in Men’s apparel. From leather goods to hotels to sumptuous food and fine wine, you name it they got it. Now I’m not going to deny myself a taste of fashion royalty, this girl got to have the most coveted timeless Crockett and Jones latest in Ladies Apparel. And like Jermyn Street, Crockett and Jones go way back in history. These high quality shoes are Goodyear- welted footwear for a good 130 years.

These shoes are built to stand the wear and tear of time without compromising comfort. And they were even handmade then, imagine that! Oh how I love my latest footgear, the ever dependable and chic Capri. They are penny loafers in design and they are best worn when driving or running errands around town. The once I found are made from calf leather with studs designed for its rubber soles and there are some made of suede. They come in many colors such as Bracken, Spearmint, Oatmeal, Ocean, Coral and my favorite… the Purple Capri. The fitting is in C and sizes range from 36 to 41. You may find these babies at 92 Jermyn Street which is the largest among the 11 branches that they have around the globe. Crockett and Jones in North Hampton England shop have a wide array of fine quality shoes, hats, belts and accessories for both sexes. And they also have a special Portland stone fireplace designated for the ladies alone. I could spend my whole day trying on the pretty shoes. It’s one of the best experiences a girl could ever have.