Stylish Luck of the Irish

When you think of Ireland, you instantly think open fields sprinkled with woolly sheep, cloudy skies above, a rainbow flung across it and a pot of gold at the end. Ireland these days isn’t all about its leprechauns and pots of gold as fashion dominating the upbeat streets of the Clover land is typically what they call “less is more”. With giant apparel retailers hitting the fashion industry in Dublin, it’s no surprise Ireland offers what the rest of the fashion forward world is wearing. Here are some of the top picks for an Irish look in spring/summer 2013:

Suedes and Floral combos

Even though in a city, there’s no harm in dressing up for a stroll out in the pastures. Put on a light shade floral skirt with a cheese cloth top. Wanting to give it a little dairy maid look? Slip into a suede camel vest and suede boots. The lighter colors will look great for this season along with softer materials.

You can glam the look with a tinge of dark eye makeup and your hair done up or hanging in loose curls. Chunky gold embellishment looks best with softer shades, so spark up your evening look with a metallic wrist band or a thick gold chain.

Tribal jackets

Tribal jackets look great on most occasions, while not over or under doing your look, but making it just right. For some of you who always take off the last thing they put on, you won’t be doing it in this case.

For the Stylish Irish look, go with a green, white and brown tribal jacket. Wear it over any colored jeans; even the grey tights compliment the jacket so well. Make sure the bottoms are plain monochrome; otherwise with the tribal print and the multi colored pants, you’ll look what my Granny would call a jigsaw puzzle. You could even wear it on top of a white or mint green dress.

Embellish your look with a thick brown waist belt and matching foot wear; sandals or boots, whatever your feet feel like slipping into.

Printed Pants

Printed pants are walking the fashion streets this season. With temperatures rising, try on ankle high printed pants and compliment these with a plain light shade button down shirt or go classic white with the look. A T-strap peep toe would look great on the ankle high pants.

The Irish would cherish a cream and brown combination with a tinge of green; you just can’t look Irish without the green. Try out beige pants and a cream top, and lime green shoes along with a belt. Take liberty with the hand bag lass, but there’s no harm in going with a beige satchel.

Clover Jewelry 

I chanced to hop over to a hip pub on St. Pat’s day a few weeks ago; love the spirit with everyone all loyally displaying the clover. It got me thinking that the clover is the perfect cherry on the cream top of your appearance.

Wear it as a pendent or studded earring, even a brooch looks great on practically everything. If you’re unsure, check out the fashion forwards peeps strutting to work and college with clovers on their briefcases and their book satchels; they look fantastic.

Overall, keep it simple, keep it natural and keep it green. The Irish in you will jump out instinctively.