How To Make Your Old And Worn Out Tops Fashionable?

Staying updated to the latest trends in the fashion world is definitely a daunting task. Anyone would like to be fashionable at any given time, yet this idea is very expensive. Imagine that you have to change your style a few times a year and most branded collections can cost a fortune. Fortunately, there are a few methods to come up with new and attractive styles without spending too much. As long as you pay attention to the current trends and you implement them in your style, there is nothing to worry about. For instance, converting an old fashioned top into a fashionable cloth is piece of cake.

Tops become old for three major reasons:

Wearing them for too long will kill the quality, as the fabric loses its elasticity and resistance.
Having them for many years brings in an old appearance, regardless of how much you cared for them.
You simply got bored of wearing them all the time, so you want something new.

Material decorations

You can always decorate an old top with some simple ideas. A few ribbons or some lace can definitely improve its appearance. For example, if the collar is enlarged and it no longer looks good, treat it with a little glitter. A wide ribbon can be folded in half, then placed under the cuff. Whether you use handmade stitches or you rely on a sewing machine, it makes no difference. Pockets, buttons and other accessories can also be treated this way.

Dealing with the cuffs

You do not need to much work to change the aspect of cuffs. Just cut them in an unusual manner for a new and unique appearance. The sleeves can be cut right under the elbow or above it, up to your preferences. If you have no clue how much to cut, measure one of the shirts that fit you best. Turn the edges inside out and sew them appropriately. Turning an old top into a new creation can be done within half an hour only. However, you obviously need a little imagination.

Beads and buttons

It sounds hard to believe, but such a small investment can completely change the appearance of a top. A few beads and buttons in different colours can make the difference. For instance, you can build a simple flower with one large button and a few smaller ones around it. You may pick a complementary colour or just bring in a multicoloured look. Sometimes, you may not even have to invest in buttons. If you have an old cloth or shirt you no longer wear, just carefully grab them. There are so many patterns to think about that you will not even know what to start with.

In conclusion, changing the aspect of an old and used top is the easiest thing in the world. Moreover, the idea that you are wearing your own creation can bring in a very rewarding feeling. As long as you follow the trends and implement them carefully, you can easily look fashionable without investing any money at all.