Get Your Honey-Do List Done With These Handyman Gifts

January 30, 2013 • by jhoice • in Gifts

If you’re lucky enough to know a guy who’s handy with tools and loves to do work around the house, give him a gift that will make his work easier. Is there a particular tool missing from his workshop? Or perhaps one or more accessories would suit your guy. There are tools available at a variety of price points that will help your guy check off every item on your “honey do” list.

Hand Tools

Do a bit of detective work to find out what tool your guy covets. Wood workers might desire a specialized saw, while mechanics may really want a particular wrench. Names to look for include Black and Decker, DeWalt and Craftsman – or just take a peek in your guy’s toolbox to see what brands he already uses

Many of the most useful tools are affordable, such as the Black & Decker HPD18AK-2 18-Volt High Performance Drill with 10 Accessories, which is widely available for less than $100 US. Another high quality bargain tool is the DeWalt DW304PK 10 Amp Reciprocating Saw, also available under $100.

If you have no idea where to begin, why not let your guy buy whatever he wants or needs? Many stores offer gift certificates in varying denominations. A gift certificate is a safe choice that ensures that the tool that your guy gets will be the right one.

High Tech Tools

High tech tools represent the best of both worlds – tools and gadgets. The best high tech tools are not only cool, but useful in performing a function that is otherwise very difficult or impossible with conventional tools. For instance, a carpenter would appreciate finding a stud finder or a laser level under the tree. Multi-use tools by makers like Swiss Army and Leatherman are invaluable in emergency situations.

A multi meter is useful for battery strength testing or conductivity level readings. Even if your guy is not an electrician, this hand held gadget can come in handy for testing motors or checking appliances. Best of all, multi meters are affordable. They are often available for as little as $15 US, and nearly always under $100 US.

Handyman Accessories

If you don’t want take a chance with getting the wrong tool or gadget, but don’t want to settle for a gift certificate, you can still find a handyman related gift for your favorite guy. Just think accessories. Many of these accessories are so useful your guy will wonder how he ever got along without them.
For instance, your guy may have every saw and drill imaginable, but does he have a decent set of work gloves? What about steel toed shoes – a must for working with heavy equipment. And how does he carry his tools to different job sites? If he’s still using a metal tool box, he would no doubt appreciate a tool bag or a belt, both of which would allow him to tote his tools hands free.

Another handy accessory for anyone who works with power tools is a y-adapter extension cord. Your guy can plug it into another extension cord or directly into the wall, and run two tools on one outlet. The heads are usually spread far enough apart so that there is plenty of room for adapters or battery re-charger’s.

If your guy does a fair amount of electrical work, a self adjusting wire stripper will allow him to strip a wire in seconds that would require several minutes to strip by hand, automatically adjusting itself to the proper size to remove insulation in a flash. Many wire strippers also have wire cutters and crimping notches.

Jack Harding is a blogger who enjoys completing DIY projects around the home. When not fixing something he’ll be writing about it, sharing his tips and gift ideas for guys online. Click the link to learn more.

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