Celebrity Weddings and the Transport They Choose

Every bride and groom wants their arrival at the wedding to have a memorable impact on those special guests who are waiting expectantly. The bride, in particular, will have given a lot of nervous thought to the all-important moment when she will step out of a highly polished, stylish and ribbon-bedecked bridal car and show off her dress for all to see at last. For celebrities there is the added pressure of knowing that worldwide media representatives will have hundreds of cameras trained on the car, the dress and every single, minute aspect of the event. It will be committed to film, beamed around the world and, depending on gossip value, conveniently filed to be resurrected should any future incidence of gossip, indiscretion or mishap occur. Barring a few whose public image demands an outrageous or unusual arrival, celebrities will usually opt for a car that reflects style, opulence and comfort.

X Factor host, Dermot O’Leary, chose to drive himself and his best man to church in his cream coloured Mercedes convertible, while his bride, film producer, Dee Koppang, arrived in a beautiful, matching, chauffeur driven, Mercedes Benz, Pagoda. Both Mercedes models definitely reflect the stylish discernment of their passengers, and Dermot’s decision to drive the car himself stamped his own personality firmly on the event. Mercedes has always been a popular choice as transport for bridal couples, but the firm favourites among celebrities seem to be the Rolls Royce, Silver Cloud or Phantom and the Bentley.

Kate Middleton, having any make or model car at her soon-to-be-royal command, chose a Rolls Royce Phantom V1. In keeping with her new status, the chosen vehicle was one of only 18 that had been specially made for a few truly discerning heads of state from around the world. Although Kim Kardashian could not demand access to this particular status symbol, she compromised slightly by electing to be transported to her ill-fated wedding to Chris Humphries in a Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe. Then, perhaps as a defiant gesture to those who do not recognise her claim to be part of American royalty, she rented an entire fleet of these cars to get her guests to the venue.

If Kate could have access to such an exclusive vehicle, then William was surely entitled to one of even greater exclusivity. The car in which the prince made his way to Westminster Abbey was, in fact, one of the rarest cars in the world. Being one of the only two ever made, this Bentley carries the royal crest and the royal colours and it suited the occasion and the young prince perfectly. Celebrities who have followed suit and allowed Bentley to get them to the church on time include Nicolle Kidman and Victoria Beckham.

Whether celebrities protest at any invasion of privacy on their wedding day, or happily allow the public and paparazzi to share in the extravagance of their weddings, it seems that the old established names in superior motoring will endure far longer than some of the marriages at which they are seen.