Truth or Dare by Madonna Naked Latest Perfume

Madonna shocks many people when she performed ‘Gangnam Style’  with the korean pop star PSY at Madison Square Garden in NYC. I blogged about it at Bubblews, If you happened to miss it-  you can check it out here . The video went viral and has garnered many views! Of course, there are some negative feedbacks too as expected! Now, Check out The Material Girl’s latest Perfume ad as she strikes a seductive pose  to promote her latest perfume ‘Truth or Dare’  Naked.

“Truth or Dare by Madonna Naked is a new version of the Madonna’s debut in the world of perfumes – the fragrance Truth or Dare launched in early 2012. Truth or Dare Naked is out in the fall of 2012, more sensual and daring than its predecessor.”

The creation of this floral – woody fragrance is credited to perfumer Stephen Nilsen, who also created the original edition. The scent is described as a bold combination of creamy woods, vanilla and sparkling flowers.

The top notes are honeysuckle, peach blossom and neroli. The perfume’s core includes vanilla orchid, cocoa flower and lily of the valley. The base is creamy with Texas cedar wood, benzoin from Laos, oud accord and Australian sandalwood.