Nicholas Kirkwood Designed Shoes That Graced Victoria’s Secret Show

A lot of females are obsessed with shoes and I am one of those chics who always drool over sexy shoes. I love wearing sexy heels and fabulous pumps as they always completed my get up. They can go with so many different things such as shorts, skirts, skinny jeans and summer dresses. Shoes really have the ability to make your feet look good and make you feel like a supermodel when you’re in the right pair. Right?

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012 that was held in New York last week showcased a lot of really interesting and intriguing shoe designs. Nicholas Kirkwood designed the shoes to coordinate with each of the show’s six themed sections, including Circus, Dangerous Liaisons, Silver Screen Angels, Angels in Bloom, PINK Is Us, and Calendar Girls. There were also some glitter and leopard print booties, embroidered knee-high boots, and even stilettos with vines that wrapped around the models’ ankles. Not to mention, Kirkwood also designed a pair of sneaker roller skates. Unfortunately, they ended up not being used. Anyways, You really don’t need to wait for Dec 4 to see the footwear that graced the Angels’ feet because today I am going to post them here. I thought you might be interested to know what are the fancy shoes designed by Nicholas Kirkwood. So there you go! Drools!! Aaahhh Shoes!

I particular like the first and the last shoes. They looked like made of soft materials, they make it supple and comfy. Love these shoes!