Sunglasses Trends

With 2013 quickly approaching, all of the hottest and best designers have been parading their upcoming fashions down the runways of Paris and Milan for the past few months. Beyond the typical clothing and footwear, sunglasses are always one of the most popular items on the runways. Most everyone wears sunglasses, and they are much beloved because they are such a great accessory to have. Sunglasses can be an amazing way to add a bit of fun and colour into a wardrobe, or to just simply show a pop of personality in everyday life. While there are some out there who are sunglasses purists, buying a particular brand or style as their ‘signature’ look, others will operate with many pairs of sunglasses, and always look forward to the start of a new design season for the next look or trend. As sunglasses certainly are an extension of our own personality and fashion beliefs, for many in the fashion world it is quite important to know what is going on.

As for 2013, some of the biggest projected trends in sunglasses have been shown to be mainly the following three looks:

Geometric Frames

Quite popular on many of the runways with some of the biggest designer names, geometric frames have been named to be one of the biggest upcoming trends. Sunglasses featuring this look will have well defined shapes to the lenses that will appear to be much more in line with the traditional shapes of squares, rectangles and circles.

Minimalist Look

While much of the 2000s have been owned by the large oversized and dominate frames, the future is looking to be much more minimal. The designs for 2013’s crop of sunglasses will focus more on the lenses than the frames. By reducing the size of the frames down to wire, or just a thin bit of plastic, designers are able to make a few changes to lenses, adding colours or mirrors that they haven’t been doing previously.

Classic is in

As with what usually happens when the economy slows down, fashion returns to the classics. You might notice in stores that the look is very much more understated and less flashy. This will continue into 2013, as many of the most popular looks this season where certainly inspired by the past classics. By simply adding a bit of a modern or updated look, many designers were showing aviators and wayfarers as their top looks down the runway.

While fashion is always changing, it may be surprising to some that sunglasses follow along in the fashion trends as well. However, for those who are the proud owners of multiple sets of sunglasses, then they have been anxiously awaiting the unveiling of the new 2013 styles for quite a few months now.