Jimmy Choo Capsule Collection of Iconic Styles unveils

Hello Everyone!  Today, Choo fans out there will get to see an exclusive preview of  the much-anticipated Jimmy Choo Capsule Collection in  collaboration with the modern artist Rob Pruitt which are set to debut in Jimmy Choo boutiques and www in November. The line includes beautiful pieces of shoes ,bags, scarves, wallets and playful graphic colorful accessories, and is executed in unique materials developed exclusively for the brand. The collection covers all popular styles from the 80’s, that features in panda motifs and neon animal prints.

In a new fun collection, Pruitt created a unique duo of angel and devil pandas symbolizing the dual personalities of the Jimmy Choo woman: the classic good girl / bad girl double play. Each panda features more than 11,000 hand-applied crystals.

The panda is a recurring image seen throughout the body of my artwork. It’s a symbol that reminds us both to tread lightly and to appreciate the adorable. They represent the harmony of yin and yang.”

Jimmy Choo has also created special packaging to accompany the collection. The label designed bright pink boxes with dégradé lining, sealed with an angel or devil panda sticker to mirror the collection design theme.

I particularly like the shoe collection, as it comes in funky looking and pretty unique styles. Let me know what you think of this new iconic collection! Feel free to comment below!