My Halloween Costumes picks for 2012

October 31, 2012 • by jhoice • in Celebrities

I would have to say Halloween is the only holiday I actually enjoy more as an adult than I did on my childhood days. The fact that I get to wear different costumes , act silly , freak people and socialize is really fun! The best part of  my Halloween was back in college were everyone is dressing up and having a great time.  It is also the only time where I could actually look ugly scary without having to worry about others opinion! Lol, Seriously.. you can be what ever you wanted during this holiday!

So here are my halloween costumes picks so far. Feel free to comment below!

Miley Cyrus Halloween Costume 2012 Jessica Simpson's Halloween Costume 2012

Kim Kardashian Halloween Costume 2012 Paris Hilton Halloween Costume 2012

Fergie Halloween Costume 2012 Stacy Keibler Halloween Costume 2012

Photos Courtesy of US Magazine

Miley Cyrus dressed up like Nicki Minaj for Halloween- the singer, has revealed her halloween look and tweeted a photo of her in blonde wig and a catsuit outfit. Guess Who She Is? It’s Nicki Minaj! Can you tell?

Jessica Simpson , the 34-year old new mom tweeted a pic of herself as a “wench”. Ain’t that Adorable!

Kim Kardashian transformed into a mermaid for halloween. I’m not a big fan of her, but I think she looks great squeezing her curves on that outfit.

Paris Hilton proves that fairies doesn’t have to have wings, yet can be real hot!

Fergie, poses in leopard-print catsuit for Halloween. Now, that looks sexy!

Stacy Keibler , keeping it simply mysterious as she hosted a masquerade ball in Vegas. I Love the simplicity!

What’s your favorite Halloween costumes worn by celebrities this year? Share it here.. I’d love to see!

Top 5 Beauty and Fashion Tips

October 29, 2012 • by jhoice • in Beauty Tips Fashion and Style

In the modern era, every year many beauty and fashion styles have been rising. There are several beauty tips which are being used by the women throughout the world. Beauty and fashion trends will keep changing as the beauty and custom industries are introducing creative and innovative techniques & tips all the time. According to the survey, here are few tips on beauty and fashion:

Beauty tips

Eyes: These are the parts of the face which will be noticed first. So, it is must to take good care of them as healthy eyes are attractive eyes. Pick the eye shadow colours which are opposite to your skin counteract. Use dark colour shades like orange, coral, light grey and others as they enhance your look.

Skin: Drink more water as it makes your skin look healthier and improves your blood circulation. Use Ginseng that helps to improve the growth of your new skin cells. Use sunscreen lotions when going out in the sun. Use honey, cucumber, cherries, avocados and other as they are the natural resources that help to improve the look of your skin.

Hair: Use branded and natural conditioners and shampoos to your hair. Test them before you use as to check whether it suits your skin and hair are not. If you want to colour your hair, then it is better to go to an expert. When you use conditioners, leave your hair for few minutes after applying and then rinse it so that it makes the hair softer, smoother and shinier.

Makeup: There are many makeup products which are available on the market which helps you to look pretty. Follow the guides and tutorials on the products while using them. Use baby shampoo to wash your makeup brushes as it is effective, cheap and makes the brushes clean and nice.

make up tips

To remove dead cells and other on your skin use cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturises every day in the morning and night as it makes your skin healthier and brighter. Always carry a lip balm and lotion with you for keeping your skin hydrated.

Fashion tips

Hairstyle: Now-a-days messy hairstyles are replacing the intricate and overwhelming styles of past years. Quick buns, fresh-shower hair, messy plaits and other styles are exploding in the parties and events.

Costumes: There are many modern costumes available in the market. Presently, dresses with prints are in fashion and are being highly sold out. Wear the costumes which are comfortable and suits you. Avoid selecting too big or small dresses which show up a terrible look. The selection of clothes must be replicating your personality.

Accessories: Using accessories will give you an elegant mien. Choosing of them must be done accordingly to your dressing style as it gives the trendy and unique look to you. Use distinct colour accessories when you want to appear in funky look.

Nail arts: In the present era, the nail arts and extensions become more fashionable and trendy. These are used by all age groups of women. Nail arts of quirky designs can be indulged by everyone.

Admiring Reds: Now-a-days admiring reds are taking the centre phase, the brighter and the bolder. Using sympathetic colours brings your attire organised by not making too even. For an elegant look try burgundy, carmine, rose, wine and other shades.

Opt for the fashion trends which suit you best. Buy the things by trying them not by looking at others. If you run short of money while buying clothes, accessories or any other thing, you can take same day cash loans which provide required money without any credit check.

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