Trendy is the word

Hello Lovelies! I hope everyone is having a great week! I have been working my butt off with my new account but no matter what time it is, or how tired I am I always spend time browsing online. Most of you already know my obsession over shopping and like the usual, I have always feel like shopping for new clothes. Ha-ha! So Today, I did some research on a good shopping site and I found this website called Sodamix that offers wide range of latest trends for less. They have a cool website, it’s very easy to navigate and the pictures are clear! During my searches for some lovely top to go with my new leggings. I’ve spotted a reasonably priced “BAT SHAPED BUTTERFLY PRINT TOP”. Anyway, It is only £28.00.. pretty good huh?! Yays for PINK! Gotta have!!

Browsing through their selection of clothing is fun as there is a wide array of styles for summer season, winter and for “Autumn” as well. So If you’re shopping for some fall fashion trends but find yourself short of time to go outside, why not head on over to The Fashiongton Post fashion magazine, there I bet you will find all the current trends and stay updated!