Summer Sarong Trends

Summer! Summer! It is such a fun time of the year to be in style and we can have too much stuff! It is a great time to seek some desirable adventures like going to the park, a barbecue party, or even attend a concert under the sun.

.. And Since I am staying now in the Philippines for some serious vacation and even though there are a few bittersweet feeling.. (we’ll talk about that later) FYI, It’s everyday summer in the Philippines. Lol! Real talk, actually from the month of June to December we do have frequent rain and occasional typhoons. But that won’t stop me from indulging myself with summer things! Harr=)

Anyways, one of my favorite things to do during summer is of course going to open beach to relax and swim- I just love summer where I can wear colorful swimsuits and accessories. I must admit that I have this addiction for summer-must-haves and I always have to have them! I tend to buy a lot of bathing suits even though I don’t wear them! Seriously, I don’t know why it is so important to me, HAHA! But being able to wear swimsuits on summer is something I am so obsessing- memories are just waiting to happen!

So Yea! I have to be prepared and I am actually eyeing for a sarong to go with my swimsuit  for our next outing! I have already bought a pair of sandals and a new look in handbags. Back to the bittersweet feeling- is I can no longer shop to my favorite Swimwear Shop back in the U.S! *smh*  I did some research on a good shopping site for sarong because I didn’t like the kind I had bought last time. Guess What? I found an amazing site that offers a great selection of fashionable summer stuff, including hats, bags and jewelry. They also offers a broad array of elegant, vibrant sarongs from Indonesia to fit in every occasion, what I love most is they really gives some great ideas and easy-to-follow steps on how to tie a sarong.   I like to try the Short Skirt (Full Sarong as Short Skirt) I can wear it over my bikini for a comfortable outfit or the Neck Knot to go over my  two-piece!