Be Stylish and Comfy

Have you tried walking to the malls for hours and tried some really nice shoes and when you already loving them, they are not available in your size! (I know the feeling). Buying shoes can be a total nightmare for all woman especially if you have a larger feet. There are tons of shop with high street brands but also many of them do not cater to women with larger feet. Recently, I came across a great brand of shoes called Katie Long Shoes. They offers a wide selection of fashionable footwear to ladies and is specializing in comfortable ladies shoes from size 9 , size 10 and above. It is very helpful for anyone requiring large sizes- including a UK size 11. How fantastic is that? Katie Long Shoes has it all and can even offer a collection of bags and accessories to finish off your look. It really is not necessary to sacrifice comfort to wear stylish shoes. Now with Katie Long Shoes you could have both, Stylish and Comfy! Here are my top picks of stylish but comfortable shoes. 

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