Best Summer Gems

In the hot months of summer, looking glamorous can be challenging. You have to avoid heavy fabrics, intricate dresses and anything that might make you sweat. While you might be able to get away with wearing a classic little black dress to a cocktail party, you’re also going to need looks you can take to the beach. One of the best tricks is to wear jewelry that features gems. Doing so subtly displays your taste and sophistication. Here are three of the finest gems for the summer months.

Sky Blue Turquoise

Long prized for its unique color, this gem is an excellent choice for summer. The cool, vibrant blue of turquoise brings to mind the gorgeous clear skies of summer. Frequently associated with the hot, dry climate of the southwestern deserts where it’s abundant, turquoise makes a natural fit for summer.

As a bright stone, a little turquoise goes a long way. Try to find some small turquoise earrings, a subtle belt or a lovely ring. Turquoise pairs well with silver, leather and earthy tones. There’s plenty of turquoise jewelry out there; you can even find some excellent pieces at flea markets.

Classic Diamonds

There’s no stone quite like a diamond. Their clear, timeless brilliance shines as bright as the summer sun. Diamonds are always in style, regardless of passing seasons or trends. If you want to invest in a piece you can wear all year long, seek out diamonds.

The clear and sparkling color of diamonds makes them highly versatile. You can wear them in clusters or alone, with gold or with silver, as compelling centerpieces or understated accents.

Ancient Amber 

Amber is prehistoric tree sap that has turned as hard as stone. In color, amber is a lush orange as gorgeous as a summer sunset. The unique, luminous beauty of amber makes it the perfect accent to any summer outfit.

As an organic material, amber pairs well with materials such as wood and bone. Choose warm colors, blacks or earth tones to go with your amber. If you’re going for a natural, care-free style, amber is the perfect choice.

With these gems to choose from, you’re sure to make a stylish splash at the pool this summer. For variation, try to find at least one piece with each type of gem. Turquoise, diamonds and amber will help you shine this summer.