Be stylish in Rainy Days!

Umbrella is a must-have for rainy season especially for a commuter like me! I’m sure you wound’t want to be running around wet! Having an umbrella  is a very vital thing to have in you purse as it help save your outfit from getting wet. Right girlies? I must admit, shopping for umbrella can sometimes be hard for me because I’m a very specific person and that type of girl that “I have to have my favorite style and colors”.  There’s lot of foldable and lightweight umbrellas available in the market.. but they are a bit tacky and really kinda boring, Seriously!

Before leaving the house, grab your favorite bag. You will never know when or where you will need it so best have it with you! It is not just for making a fashion statement but its another MUST-HAVE in stormy days! You can  invest in a couple of bags to place your waterproof counterparts- Save all your  make-up and beauties while being smart and organize!