Yui & Ricky best outfit in Harajuku, Tokyo

I admire Japan when it comes to High Quality gadgets and of course Hello Kitty FTW! They make the cutest things in the world! I consider them with the wackiest style in Fashion! I love those people- whose all dolled up, wearing kinda bizarre outfits, walking and thinking they are the hot sh&t! They’re awesome! =) I think its their way to express their creativity.  For me that’s what makes it fun and interesting, although It’s usually something that I would never dream of wearing.  I love their sense of fashion. I just don’t think I can pull it off! Owell! 

I’ve read a lot of good raves on how cool is the ‘Harajuku‘ place in Tokyo! It was even listed as one of their “must-visit” sites! So I did some research on Harajuku’s most unique fashion Yui & Ricky, the Harajuku’s most stylish and hottest  couples! So Dorbs!