Blake Lively bids Goodbye To Gossip Girl

I am one of those girls who gets crazy over Gossip Girl.

I love watching Gossip Girl because of  The Fashion of course! I get to see a lot of amazing clothes, good acting and its very intriguing that keeps me stay in my bed and watch more! Aside from the scandal episodes and lesson that gives in relationships. The show also loads of humor. A whole package in one show! I’d say that this is definitely one of my favorite shows to watch everyday!  I am totally hooked!

Talk about.. how can just a gossip ruin everything! The Revenge! Gossip Girl has like something so powerful. AND It is really sad to see our Fashion Icon/ A Great Actress Blake Lively “Serena van der Woodsen”  leaving the soap opera ”Gossip Girl!” =/ 

Are you a fan of Blake Lively ? What do you think of her leaving the Tv Show?