Miley Cyrus goes pantsless. Hit Or Miss!

After her stripper pole dancing on her music video “Party in the USA” where she received a bunch of negative feedbacks. 

Miley Cyrus goes pants-less fashion at the  Billboard Music Awards  and is now making rounds on the world wide web! I think she is trying to look more mature  – showing a little skin to be sexy is fine but what she wears is way too much for a (19 y.o.) woman.  It seems like she’s trying to dress like Britney Spears? lol! With her double-breasted blazer dress with a plunging neckline – Oh goodness. It’s supposed to go with a skirt Miley or maybe some pants. haha! Like seriously, I don’t know if she is wearing something underneath.. but I hope she did! 😛  The singer added some va-va-voom hair and Jacquie Aiche jewelry to her look, in addition to black and white Christian Louboutin peep toes.  Uhmm, I kinda like her hair though. 

Anyways, this is definitely a Miss for me! Let me know what you think. Hit Or Miss?