Move Over Mad Men! The Style of Great Gatsby is Taking Over!

Ever since the smash hit success of AMC’s “Mad Men,” the hottest trend in vintage fashion has been a sophisticated, early sixties style. While this is definitely a hip and stylish look, it is unfortunately so totally 2011. In 2012, the new hot style in vintage fashion is all about 1920s glam. In other words, Great Gatsby glamor is back in the vintage world, with fashionistas everywhere looking to dress more Daisy Buchanan than Betty Draper.

Before you worry that this look is going to cost you a fortune to achieve, consider the fact that it is easy to stay on a budget when you are making old new again. Inexpensive dresses and cheap shoes can be given a stylish flair with the right accessories and attitude. Here are some tips on how to get that amazing 1920s style:

Fabulous Flapper – To get that amazing flapper look without breaking the bank, start with a light spaghetti strap shift dress. An ideal choice is definitely an authentic 1920s flapper dress; however, if you can’t find one, make due with a fabulous inexpensive replica. To create a flapper flair, add elbow length gloves, long string necklaces layered elegantly, and a pair of low-heeled Mary Jane style cheap shoes.

Amazing Hats and Pins – One of the most interesting aspects of 1920s fashion were the amazing head pieces. Whether a fun and interesting hat or an elaborate jeweled hair comb, these pieces can be worn not only with the tight pin curled styles of yesteryear, but with modern hairstyles as well. Consider using a vintage hair comb to add old world elegance to a prom or wedding up-do.

Tailoring, Tailoring, Tailoring – One of the most important aspects of Great Gatsby era glam was clothes that were tailored and structured. To get this vintage elegance, avoid modern styles that are loose and don’t give any shape to your figure. Instead, look for coats, trousers and jackets that are structured and tailored to give you that 1920s elongated shape. Unfortunately, the importance put on tailoring clothes has diminished as the decades have passed. However, if you shop vintage, you can find the retro looks that are far more flattering to any figure than the styles of today.

Obviously, while the Mad Men craze of mod 60s fashion had its fun in 2011, this year is definitely about that flapper flair. Toss on that long string of pearls, put on that dapper 1920s hat, and get ready to impress with your Great Gatsby inspired vintage style!