Get a Glimpse at the $5 Million Watch from Hublot

If you want to know what it’s like to wear the value of 20 Rolls Royces on your wrist, you’re going to have to head to The Hour Glass in Singapore. That’s where the Louis Vuitton-owned Hublot luxury watch company recently sold the “$5 Million Watch.” It’s a cool two million more than their previously most expensive watch. Want to guess what that was named? If you answered the “$3 Million Watch” then you’re both right and good at telling when creative marketing is no longer necessary. 

The watch is encrusted with 1,282 individual diamonds, each chosen specifically for this particular timepiece. This is counterclockwise in accordance with traditional luxury watch making customs, which tend to have the bezel and other components designed to the tune of preselected diamonds. It’s a testament to the particular craftsmanship of this spare-no-expense timepiece, as well as its astronomical cost. 

Assembled more for show than for sale, there’s currently no word yet whether or not Holbot will make more $5 Million Watches. To be perfectly honest it’s unlikely anybody beside filthy rich diamondphiles will ever be caught with this piece of pricey jewelry around their wrist, so manufacturing will surely be limited in any scenario. 

If you aren’t in Singapore or anywhere that future-made $5 Million Watches will be displayed, you can get a glimpse through this 30 second video Holbot recently posted on YouTube.