Katy Perry Fashion Sense

Keeping track of celebrity hair color is a task any die-hard journalist would get years of material out of. Just like her music, Katy likes to keep her hair fun, spunky, and out of the ordinary. Her entire fashion ensemble screams that she is in it to party and have a good time unlike the Jonas Brothers who use their girlfriend’s promise ring as a tactic for marketing their albums. 

Originally, Katy sported the traditional brunette hair that complimented her goddess-like looks. Her long locks screamed “classic beauty” and gave her a pin-up look that attracted girls because of the timeless factor and guys for other obvious reasons. Her, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga sparked a new craze for female singers because of their bold and fearless fashion choices. 

Throughout 2010 and 2011, Katy has struggled to find a true ID for her hair. The cover of the California Gurls album shows her lounging out in a supermodel pose with a bright blue wig on top of her head. After the bright blue came a sort of fuschia pink color that looked like it came out of a hair spray can. 

Recently Katy has ditched the over the top punk looks and settled on one that defines her chic and sensible side. People magazine reports that she appeared at a fundraiser thrown by David Lynch with a short blonde bob. This is a drastic transformation for the singer because we have never seen her without her long and luxurious hair. 

Some say that her recent transformations are a guise to fool the media into thinking her marriage to Russel Brand isn’t running into a rough patch. She has just gotten a matching tattoo with her husband and both of them have been on a media tour claiming that everything is peachy betweeen the two. While the rumors may be surfacing, her style choices have earned her an actual Barbie doll based on her likeness. 

The good thing about Katy Perry’s fashion sense is that it will always keep us guessing. Let’s hope that she has some fun with it without ending up shaving her head like Britney Spears did.