Going Beyond Twilight

Even since I have been working and shopping on the internet I have been seeing a progression in the features available. It started simple with some web sites having galleries of products and then moved on from there. Now, since there are so many avenues to use to get to the Internet the competition has really started to focus on the client experience in different formats. When department stores started to leave the malls and move to online was when real money started to be funneled in and some very creative web development launched some of the most interesting shopping experience. Now, it is not just a ecommerce cart any more!

Take a look at some of the premier shopping sites and you will see some pretty cool stuff. One of my latest is the La Redo web site and it has a lot to love. For one it lightening fast even on a low bandwidth connection. One of my and I be your pet peeves is waiting for a pic of the sexy little dress to show up. Large parts of the site’s real estate is taken up by easy to get to but vital information. Like how to do a return or I am ready to buy so where is the cart? What is completely making me go bonkers over this web site is the download application for my iPhone! I can shop the entire website on my iPhone! And do anything I would want to do on my laptop. I can open a credit account or create a favorites list all from the comfort of my desk at work! No more pesky firewalls blocking my shopping experience!