Coupon Site? Don’t be Silly!

August 9, 2011 • by jhoice • in Shopping

Most of these so called coupon sites are a waste of time. Things you don’t need and deals where you have to buy so many of this before you get the big discount or they want a monthly fee! Not any more because I found the website and I am loving it. So easy to sign up that it literally took me 2 minutes to sign up with my email address and get the registration email in a few seconds.

That is just where the fun begins. Immediately on sign up I went to the site and found a deal in Kansas City for cleaning that was 30% off the normal price. Nice thing is that I didn’t have to buy anything else, I got what I wanted and I didn’t have to pay a membership fee. So sweet! It is so much better than any other deal of the day websites and if you want to advertise your business you won’t find a faster way to build customers.  Check it out!

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