Your Jewellery Style is at Your Fingertips with Your Perfect Match

From the runways of Milan to the streets of New York City, jewellery is fashion.Trendy tassels on long dangling earrings are a sexy look this year. Combined with Cabochon-style stones in big cuts with soft colours white gold rings and silver charm bracelets are all the rage. A single piece of jewellery can complete an outfit, freshen a look or change a classic outfit from business to pleasure without undressing. Jewellery is as personal as clothing and finding your specific style is tough without the help of a designer or a personal shopper. Most women are completely comfortable pairing their standard gold bracelets with some matching earrings, but to find a truly unique piece of jewellery and have it blend seamlessly with your lifestyle is not quite as easy.

Pandora’s website is the coolest way to push your jewellery style away from frumpy and into fabulous. The website is filled with trendy options for ring designs that are completely your own. Click to create the unique right hand ring that you’ve always wanted. Add gemstones in brilliant colours or choose some sparkling crystals to accent your creation.  Precious materials and genuine stones are among the options for a designer ring of your own. Build your own wedding set in a style that you cannot find in stores or use the Your Perfect Match application to inspire the ring and necklace or earring combinations that you’ve always wanted.

Simple to use, the Your Perfect Match page has spinning wheels that rotate to display your selection of rings or earrings or whichever type of body decoration that you prefer. Choose a ring and then cross over to the second wheel to find the earrings that match. The combinations are endless and the styles and choices are completely your own. Pick a ring, pick a pair of earrings and add the choices to your wish list. The site stores your matches and gives you a huge selection of styles to choose from. Simply order your design combinations and ship them directly to your home.

A simple pendant in a signature stone is high on the list for spectacular fashion this year. Combine the pendant with an eye-catching ring or dazzling earrings and you have your own blend of trendy and functional. The best part about this year’s jewellery trend is the colour. Your Perfect Match lets you find your most flattering colour and place it into a jewellery collection that is totally you. The application is so much fun to use and there are so many combinations available that you will have a blast creating a style that is uniquely you. Spin the wheel, grab a ring or a necklace and see where the fashion takes you.