Fake? Don’t Support It!

July 12, 2011 • by jhoice • in Fashion News Shopping

So many designers are up in arms over fake copies of their hard work and I am with them 99.99%. Ebay recently joined in on a online battle and offered like ten designer purses from top fashion designers like Jason Wu, Sophie Theallet and Rebecca Minkoff.   They had a big kickoff party in New York and are fighting well drinking wine mad about knockoffs of their work. I believe that they have a right to their ownership but they are so expensive and what about the people who can’t afford a designer bag? This is an ongoing issue and I am supportive of their cause but I believe some kind of compromise will need to be worked out. Because after all! Even poor girls love fashion! =)

you can't fake fashion
Donna Karan

  1. Luana   »

    Sis!!! I miss you too!!!! <3

    I support originals too. There’s no point in getting fake: it’d be better getting a cheap brand in that case and stick with it. Sometimes originals are affordable when there are season discounts and sales. That’s what I do when I can only spend a max of €20 on something I like. Certainly better than buying fake!

  2. Maverick   »

    This is way betetr than a brick & mortar establishment.

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